Sunday, November 9, 2008

PRS Neoweb Creates Green & Efficient Instant Roads

PRS Neoweb Cellular Confinement System is a ‘soil stabilization’ solution based on innovative honeycombed geocells. It confines, stabilizes and reinforces soft soils in road construction as well as in slope and earth stabilization. This unique polymer-based solution, originally developed by the US Military and utilized by American troops in the Gulf War, has been enhanced by Israeli PRS for long-term use in civil engineering and construction projects.

The PRS Neoweb Cellular Confinement System provides a cost-effective, green and environmentally engineered soil reinforcement solution for a wide range of needs and industries including; load support, slope and channel protection, reservoirs, landfills and retaining walls for leading erosion control specialists, energy and civil engineering contractors, infrastructure companies and railroads.

Neoweb can also be used for the creation of green roofs on buildings and to encourage vegetative growth on eroded slopes; the honeycomb geocells hold the soil in place, while perforations in the material allow plant roots and soil nutrients to move freely between the cells and the ground, encouraging natural landscape growth.

About PRS

PRS provides the industry’s most advanced Cellular Confinement Systems for geotechnical construction. Since 1996, PRS has been leading the field in soil stabilization research & development with field-proven innovations in hundreds of successful projects in over 40 countries. The PRS Neoweb system delivers high-performance solutions for a wide range of road, rail, civil infrastructure, energy and mining applications.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

American Monsanto Collaborates with Israeli Evogene on Plant Yield and Environmental Stress Research

American Monsanto Company and Israeli Evogene Ltd. have entered a five-year research and development collaboration to identify key plant genes related to yield, environmental stress and fertilizer utilization. The agreement is intended to enhance research efforts to discover and deliver novel yield-enhancing technologies at a time of increasing global demand for grain.

Under this collaboration, Evogene will provide Monsanto with candidate genes discovered by its computational platform that are predicted to improve yield, fertilizer utilization and a plant’s reaction to environmental stress.

This collaboration follows an announcement that took place in 2007, concerning collaboration between the two companies to improve nitrogen use efficiency in corn, soybeans, canola and cotton.

In a separate agreement, Monsanto has purchased an $18 million (USD) equity stake in Evogene and has agreed to purchase an additional $12 million in the future, subject to certain Evogene diligence requirements.

In addition to Evogene's contracts with American Monsanto and Orfuel, the company has just announced, together with Leviev Group and Orfuel, the establishment of a biodiesel company in Namibia, Africa. The new company will focus on the growth of specialized castor plants for use as feedstock for biodiesel.
About a year back, Evogene and Orfuel Inc, a US subsidiary of Ormat Industries Ltd, started their own collaboration in the field of alternative energy and biofuels, aimed at providing substantially improved feedstock sources for biodiesel production.

More about Evogene

Evogene is a leading developer of improved plants for the ag-biotech and biofuel industries. The company’s proprietary product development platform combines state of the art computational gene discovery technologies, plant and field validation capabilities and unique selection systems. The platform’s computational biology component - the ATHLETE - is based on Compugen's in-silico predictive discovery capabilities. Evogene's current programs focus on yield under normal and various environmental stress conditions (such as drought), fertilizer utilization and the improvement of plants specifically for biofuel uses.

The City of Los Angeles Signs an Agreement with Israeli Kinrot Incubator

The city of Los Angeles signed a collaboration agreement with Kinrot Incubator, a company located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee that helps entrepreneurs and researchers with water-based technological innovations.

This agreement will enable Israeli start-up companies to use water and power facilities in Los Angeles for pilot projects and to conduct joint research with the University of California, Los Angeles, on water projects. Los Angeles is interested in using the Kinrot model to establish its own incubator for water-related technologies.

About Kinrot

Kinrot was founded in 1993 as part of the Israeli Incubator Program ( In August 2006, Kinrot was privatized by Stern Partners from Vancouver, Canada. Kinrot provides an incubated environment for innovative entrepreneurs to examine their water-related technology, in order to integrate it into the water industry.

LeFleur Transportation to Use GreenRoad Technologies’ Safety Center

American LeFleur Transportation, a developer of comprehensive human service transportation systems, has announced that it is about to add Israeli GreenRoad Technologies’ safety center to its entire fleet, which consists of over 300 vehicles. GreenRoad’s safety center will increase LeFleur’s fleet's safety, improve its services quality, and strengthen its driver training level - all while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

About a month back, GreenRoad has also signed agreements with British Derby Council and St. Edmundsbury Borough Council to install its Safety Center in the council's fleet. These councils have joined Adur and Worthing Council Services which has installed GreenRoad's Safety Center in its fleet and Staffordshire Council which is installing the device in local teens’ cars to improve road safety.
Earlier this year, Amadeus Capital Partners, the European technology investor, has joined Virgin Green Fund, Benchmark Capital, and Balderton Capital in providing C round financing of $17.5 million to expand GreenRoad’s R&D, sales and marketing efforts.

More about GreenRoad Safety Center

GreenRoad improves driver safety, and significantly reduces crashes and fuel consumption. The GreenRoad service instantly identifies risky drivers, and at the same time empowers drivers to manage their own safety by giving instantaneous, in-vehicle feedback—without privacy invasions. As a result, drivers learn while driving, and are positively motivated to change their behavior behind the wheel.
With 100% visibility to all driving maneuvers, our service consists of an in-vehicle device for feedback, comprehensive online Web reporting for drivers, fleet managers, and insurers to measure safety progress, and dedicated risk consultants.
The GreenRoad safety center can instantly assesses which drivers are the highest risk (red drivers) and the company works with its customers to design programs that quickly change drivers from red to green, and sustain green driving behavior over time.
Members of Israeli GreenRoad’s executive team are Dan Steere, Ofer Raz, Hod Fleishman, Pete Allen, Aidan Rowsome and Eric Shishko. Its US headquarters is located in California, its EMEA Headquarters in London, while its R&D center is located in Or-Yehuda, Israel.