Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emefcy Develops Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Emefcy, a Microbial Fuel Cell Wastewater Treatment provider, has developed a solution that will eliminate the need for electricity in wastewater treatment. The company’s Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) System enables the direct production of energy in the form of electricity or hydrogen from wastewater, replacing the need for traditional electricity in the treatment of wastewater.

The company, now working with Bruce E. Logan from Pennsylvania State University, a leader in microbial fuel cells, has created a system of tubes made from a special polymer and a network of carbon brush anodes that together, create bio-electrochemical reactions. These reactions result in bacteria that form an electrical conductive biofilm over the surface of the anodes and cathodes, decomposing organic matter and producing electricity simultaneously.

Emefcy believes it can save 30-50% annually, enabling a power plant to achieve a return on investment within as little as two to three years. The Emefcy MFC solution also offers several attractive direct financial benefits; the option to sell generated electricity, reduced sewage disposal – the process reduces the amount of raw sludge for disposal by up to 90% – and generation of carbon credits.

The Emefcy MFC solution can be implemented as an add-on to existing plants and is expected to be available by 2010.

About Emefcy
Emefcy was founded in 2007 to create and develop a unique set of solutions designed to change the energy economics of wastewater treatment. Emefcy products will utilize Microbial Fuel Cell technology to produce electricity from the treatment of diverse wastewater streams, on a very large scale.

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