Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BrightSource Energy Develops Contacts in Phoenix, Arizona

BrightSource Energy, a designer and builder of large scale solar plants that deliver low-cost solar energy in the form of steam and/or electricity, has very recently made contact with potential partners in Phoenix, Arizona, to build a site that could host up to 400 megawatts from it's solar generating stations.

The city of Phoenix would like to use solar power in order to reduce its energy costs. Partnering with a solar provider would also bring in additional jobs and a more diverse economy to the region.
In April this year, BrightSource Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric signed a multi-year deal that is believed to be Brightsource's biggest ever, with potentially 900 megawatts supply. About a month later Google invested $10 million in the company; it had made a $10 million equity investment by buying a stake in BrightSource Energy’s $115 million venture round through its arm.
According to BrightSource, its solar power plants will provide enough electricity to power more than 3.2 million homes and counter the emissions equivalent produced by approximately one million cars.

About BrightSource
BrightSource Energy, Inc. builds solar plants at prices that are competitive with those of fossil fuels for industrial and utility customers worldwide, thus enabling industrial and utility companies to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels by providing a low cost, reliable source of clean energy during periods of peak usage. BrightSource Energy's headquarters are located in Oakland, California.
BrightSource Energy's goal is to develop and commercialize new solar thermal technology that can compete with fossil fuel plants. BrightSource Energy’s leading technology, DPT (Dynamic Power Towers), which uses mirrors to whip up steam to drive turbines to produce power, a method known as solar thermal, is the lowest costing and most reliable method to generate central solar power.

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