Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Better Place

Renault-Nissan has joined forces with Project Better Place and will supply electric vehicles as part of the "Project Better Place" operations in Israel as early as this year. Mass production, according to Mr Shai Agassi, founder of Project Better Place, could begin by 2011.

Project Better Place cooperates with the Israeli and Danish governments to transform these countries' transportation infrastructure from oil-based to electricity based, composed of mostly renewable energy in order to significantly reduce harmful emissions. The renewable energy will be supplied through Israel’s growing renewable power sectors.

Renault's vehicles will run on electricity for all functions. The project's objective is to achieve zero emissions, while at the same time offer driving performance similar to a 1.6 liter gasoline engine. Renault's electric vehicles will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which will ensure greater driving range and longevity.

About Project Better Place

Project Better Place was founded in October 2007, and is run by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Shai Agassi. Better Place is an electric vehicles developer that collaborates with the Israeli government's first of its kind challenge, that by the year 2020, 10% of the country's energy sources will be alternative. As oil prices rise higher and with environmental pressures and increased regulation, the automotive industry is undergoing enormous disruption, but the opportunities far outweigh the challenges. In March of 2008, DONG (Danish Oil & Natural Gas) Energy signed an agreement with Better Place as well; Denmark will thus be one of the first countries to have electric vehicles.

Better Place works towards zero emissions, electric car infrastructure and battery technology. Its model is based on consumers subscribing to transportation as a service, similar to mobile phone subscribers today; automotive companies manufacture the electric cars that plug in to the Better Place electric recharge network of charging stations and battery swap stations; energy companies provide the network’s power through growing renewable energy projects; and Better Place provides the batteries that make owning an electric car affordable and convenient.

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